About the author
During my study of Computer Science and Multimedia at Vrije Universiteit van Amsterdam it became obvious that I'm fascinated by the challenges that game and multimedia developers face.
In this section of the website you can find some of my university study projects.
I will appreciate your feedback.
My University Study Projects

The goal of this project is exploring Maya's programming interfaces, developing programs written in MEL and C++ to customize and/or extend Maya's functionality.
Level: Bachelor (VU - Project Multimedia II)
Entry requirements:
MEL labs require fundamental programming skills. Knowledge of C/C++ and advanced programming skills are required to complete the C++ labs.

In this project we create a simple game with DirectX 9 and C++. A very basic geometry is used as an abstraction of real world objects to introduce the fundamental concepts. A green box controlled by the arrow keys from a keyboard represents a spaceship and can shoot fireballs (small red spheres) when the space key is pressed into the flying asteroids (large blue spheres).
Level: Bachelor (VU - Project Multimedia)
Entry requirements:
Previous programming experience with C++ and familiarity with Linear Algebra.